Why Consider Laminate Floors for Your Home?
Why Consider Laminate Floors for Your Home?

So, you are looking for the best type of flooring for your home, commercial or hospitality space? Well, we advise you to go ahead with laminate flooring as it has a variety of features to offer including long-term durability, stylish design, easy-care, and high-performance surfaces.

Laminate floors are influenced by advanced technologies and they offer an extensive range of benefits over other traditional types of flooring options in the market. Those who are interested to install economy flooring materials at their home are advised to go ahead with beautiful, functional and affordable laminates. They perform better, look better, and feel better below your foot. However, before you make up your mind about installing them, it is good to understand the basics of laminate floors.

What are laminate floors?

Laminate floors are a kind of hybrid floor coverings that are made up of particleboard wood (hdf) base fixed over the image layer and another transparent wear layer. These floors are popular floor coverings that are suitable for dining areas, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and a other commercial area.

Laminate floors were first invented in the year 1977 by Perstorp, a Swedish Company. This firm was mainly working on the idea of using the waste wooden products by subjecting them to intense heat, pressure, and binding chemicals that may soon turn into usable floor coverings. Laminate floors today can be found in a variety of patterns, shapes, and finishes.

Benefits of installing laminate floors:
Below we have listed a few amazing benefits of laminate floors:

Robust and durable

Laminate floors are shock, impact, and pressure resistant. They are also abrasion and scratch resistant, due to the hard surface finish. It means you can install them confidently in the high traffic areas without worrying about wear and tear. They are designed to sustain concentrated single loads from heavy objects such as furniture without suffering any damage.

Heatproof material:

These high-quality flooring materials are made up of flame-resistant materials; hence, they are suitable for the kitchen area. Other than this, these floors do not fade or discolor due to direct exposure from sunlight. You can install UV-light resistant floors at your home to ensure long-life performance.

Natural and anti-allergy:

Laminate floors are predominantly made of wood extracted material that makes them a sustainable choice for the home. Also, there is no space for the hair, dander, and dust to hide in this hardwood flooring material.

Easy to clean and maintain:

Another amazing benefit of installing laminate floors at your home is that it is easier to maintain and clean in the long run. You will find them a good choice for a home with kids and pets. Also, you will find them inexpensive as compared to other flooring materials.

It is good to call professionals at Renovation Furniture Trading LLC to install laminate floors at your home. They can help you achieve a stunning appeal for the interior design.

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